7 Benefits You'll Notice When You Start Learning Flute

1) Improves Breathing Muscles :

Nowadays due to air pollution our core muscles such as lungs and respiratory track becomes weaker and weaker but when you start playing the flute gradually your core muscles will become stronger and stronger.

While those people who are suffering from cold,coughing and various breathing problems, playing flute improves lungs capacity. Strengthen diaphragm and you will not catch cold and cough easily.Our Overall health gets improved by playing flute.

2) Playing Flute Is A Kind Of Meditation :

Playing flute is the same as doing Pranayama that we thought in Yoga.In that we Inhale air into our lungs, store it and leave it gradually. In short we will start getting full control of our Breath.

When you start playing Indian classical Music such as ragas you will feel the amazing effect of meditation.

In Indian Classical Music Ragas have specific timings and various effects i.e. Some ragas will relieve stress, some ragas will generate joyful effect,Some ragas make emotional effects.

3) Improves Hand And Eye Coordination:

When you play flute it is necessary to memorise or read notations along with playing flute that will definitely generate new paths to neurons in your brain.It require good coordination between your hand,eye and breath that improves your hand -eye coordination.

4) Improves Self Confidence:

When you play start playing the songs on the flute your body will reward you with so much happiness and your self confidence towards your life as well as towards learning flute will increase.

As soon as you practice more you will get better command over flute that will definitely improve your self confidence.

5) Learning Life Lessons From Flute:

When you start learning flute you will understand the way to solve any problem in your life. When you play any song you have to break it into small steps, practice it and combine it .This strategy will definitely improve your approach towards every problem in your life.

6) Improves Brain Functionality :

Neural scientist observed that while playing musical instruments such as flute,engages every area of the brain specially Visual,Auditory, Motor cortex .Playing flute strengthens that brain function .

7) Less Expensive Instrument:

The Most important thing is that it is very less expensive,anyone can buy flute starting from a few hundred bucks.